About us

Athlettis - is the company producing the high quality T-Shirts with the unique designs, which motivates you to aim and achieve higher goals both at sport and your everyday life:

  • Unique design
  • Long-living prints
  • High quality of the fabric and the manufacturing

Each of the prints is a hand drawing which was drawn on PhotoShop basing on one ore several photoes.

This is how the drawing process looks like:

Drawing proces

Take a look at the drawing clip on Youtube.

Serigraphy (also known as silkscreen, Screen Printing) is a time-tested stenciling technique used to apply inked images to the different types of fabric.

One of the main advantages of the Serigraphy is the Durability. Compared to other printing methods, the screen printing process can apply very heavy ink coverage, resulting in a longer-lasting design. Also, the ink which is used is resistant to UV rays, moisture and scratches.

Using a stencil, or a series of stencils, the ink is distributed to the desired area(s) by being pressed through a porous screen, hence the name Screen Printing.

Athlettis - is the small team of enthusiasts. Weare commited to motivate people to live an active life end to overcome themselves. Help us to make our products better - leave your comments, suggestions and views. Send us messages via the "contuct us" button, make reposts, etc. It is very important to us.

Manufacturing process

For the better sizes understanding, please kindly measure your T-shirt that matches you well, and compare the numbers to the table above.
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